Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Rambles

Happy November!
Guess what that means?
It's my birthday month!!
...and my husband's, and my brother's, and my dad's.

We're gonna be celebrating all month long!
I've got some great things planned...
including my first giveaway!
I hope y'all are as excited as I am!!
Stay tuned!! :)

I have a lot to cover in this post...
and it will probably be kinda random.
So I apologize ahead of time!

First thing's first
...a recap of how I did with October's goals.
I love being able to look back to see what I have accomplished and to look forward and anticipate what is to come.

Relationship Goals:
  • Write 4 different people cards or letters.  I only wrote 2. :(
  • Write Tyler a note.  I've been awful at writing, but I did text him several times (and not just superficial texts...but meaningful ones).
  • Invest in my new friendships.  Woo hoo!  I've gotten to know several people in our Life Group better!

Homemaking Goals:
  • Meal plan for a couple weeks at a time. (I want to get back in this habit.) For the most part, this happened.  I need to catch up this week.
  • Sell/give away clothes and other things we don't need.  They're all in a pile just waiting to be given away.
  • Make one new recipe a week.  I was doing awesome...then I fell off the bandwagon.

Personal Goals:
  • Keep eating healthy.  For the most part, I've done really well.  The last couple of days have been rough, though.
  • Start on my birthday list.  I'm halfway done with it!!  I'll be sharing it on my birthday!
  • Take some time for myself...don't get too busy.  I did take time for myself...but October was a super busy month!

Craft Goals:
  • Work on Fall/Christmas items for the shop.  Yay!  Christmas items are debuting today!
  • Start on a Christmas list for family/friends.  I have a list started, but not completed.
  • Finish Fall napkins so we can use them at Thanksgiving!!  I have 2 left...and 21 days left to finish them in!!

So I got half of them completed.  That's a 50% which would be a failing grade.  Good thing life doesn't give me grades. :)  Here are this month's goals:

Relationship Goals:
  • Write 4 people cards or letters.
  • Spend some quality time with my husband.
Homemaking Goals:
  • Clean the apartment before we leave on our trip so that we can come home to a clean house! 
  • Cook a successful Thanksgiving lunch.
Personal Goals:
  • Finish my birthday list and share it with you.
  • Have a party...even if it's just Tyler and I celebrating together!
I know this month is busy.  I'm only giving myself 6 goals...but I know that it will be a wonderful month!  :)


Today, I'm debuting Christmas items in my shop!
I am excited for this season, and I LOVE giving gifts.  
Hope you can find something you just love!


I want to share this video with you. I've been a fan of Hillsong United since about 7th grade. I finally got to go to a concert of theirs last November, and I'm absolutely loving their songs from their newest album. We've sang this song at church a couple of times, and being completely honest with you, this is my prayer. 

"Like a rushing wind, 
Jesus breathe within. 
Lord have Your way 
Lord have Your way in me. 
Like a mighty storm, 
Stir within my soul. 
Lord have Your way 
Lord have Your way in me." 

I pray that it will be your prayer, too.

Do you have plans for this month?
What are they?


  1. wow! monthly goals? you rock. can you come set some for me?


  2. That is great to have monthly goals! And really great to have accomplished 50% at least, way to go! I think I need to make some monthly goals, might get a lot more done!

    Blessings to you :)

  3. Thank you for the sweet, sweet comment!! :) Love your wonderful blog! Consider me your newest follower!

    PS, happy BIRTHDAY month!!!!


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