Friday, November 30, 2012

{Thanks}Living and a Birthday List

It's Friday.
It's my brother's birthday.
It's my birthday.
My husband comes home from his business trip.
Today is going to be a great day!

It's also the end of the month.
That means I get to share with you what I've been thankful for this month.
However, I'm going to do it a bit differently.
On instagram, I shared each day in picture what I was thankful for.
Now you get to see it! :)

Starting at the top, from left to right:
1.  My goofy husband.  He's the absolute best!
2.  Food delivery.  I didn't get the chance to have food delivered growing up!
3.  To be able to have some down time to create.
4.  My 2nd amendment husband taught me well. :)
5.  My husband's servant heart...coming home to clean dishes put away, dirty dishes put in the dishwasher, supper being made, and the laundry sorted...all without being asked!
6.  The hearts of people that gather in a home of our new friends.  I'm so thankful for our small group.
7.  My legs...and the ability to walk.
8.  #SheReadsTruth and the community of women who've participated.  I've met some incredible ladies through Bible reading together.
9.  My husband's job!
10.  A book that challenges me to become a follower of Christ rather than being a fan.
11.  My beautiful mother.  She's one of my best friends.  I'm so thankful for her example as a Godly woman, wife, and mother.
12.  That I have the financial resources to pay for gas, when many don't.  It's something I take for granted most days.
13.  A little pick-me-up when I need it.
14.  Prayer warriors.
15.  A creative outlet, and a tiny bit more income.
16.  My daddy.  He's the bestest one in the whole entire world.  Don't even try to compete with that!
17.  My "littlest" brother who's one of the most caring people in the world.
18.  My warm, comfy bed.
19.  The apartment we live in.  It continues to prove that this is where God wanted us.
20.  My job...God's plan is always best.
21.  A man who takes time first thing in the morning to read the Word of God.  This is what I would call the sexiest thing he does.  There's nothing that melts my heart more than seeing him spending time with his Father.
22.  Family time.
23.  Prayers being answered.  My dad was well enough to make the 4.5 hour trip up for Thanksgiving.  He doesn't have pain in his shoulder or collar bone anymore, and he made it through his surgery without any complications!  (This is what I'm most thankful for this month...God has been incredibly good to us.)  The Lord hears his children and answers their plea!
24.  Friends who send happy mail via the USPS {aka Snail Mail...yes, people!  It still exists}! 
25.  Beautiful artwork in the sky so I can be reminded who's the Author and Illustrator of life.
26.  Preparations for this special season...I'm happy to be spending it in our new home.
27.  Time to rest...especially when needed most!
28.  Receiving a "granddaughter" birthday card in the mail from my husband's grandparents.  It warms my heart to know I'm accepted as one of their grandkids! :)
29.  Preparing a box full of goodies to give to a family God has laid on my heart.
30.  My big, goofy, teddy bear brother.  He gives great hugs! Today's his birthday.  Did I mention that? :)

Finding things in each day that I'm thankful for has been a huge blessing to me this month.  It has made me reflect on the littlest things in my life and realize that they are all a gift from God.
What are you thankful for?


I also get to share with you what I've been working on for over a month now.
My birthday list.
It's not just any list though.
It's my "25 Before 25 List."
That's right...
This is a list full of things I hope to accomplish in the next 365 days.
Here it is:

  1. Itemize our tax deductions.
  2. Send a handwritten note to 48 different people.
  3. Go to the Muny to see a show.
  4. Become better at apologizing.
  5. Print a wedding canvas or a big picture.
  6. Go to a St. Louis Blues game.
  7. Have friends over to our home.
  8. Make (or at least start) a quilt.
  9. Be financially free from our parents.
  10. Memorize 25 Bible verses and be able to recite all of them.
  11. Make 25 crockpot meals that are yummy enough to put on our meal rotation.
  12. Go camping with my husband.  In a tent.
  13. Take a trip on the Amtrak.
  14. Participate in Girls Trip 2013.
  15. Sew something just for me.
  16. Sell 100 items on etsy.
  17. Participate in 25 random acts of kindness.
  18. Start and finish a whole spool of floss.
  19. Keep a running birthday/Christmas list all year 'round.
  20. Start saving for a an account.
  21. Keep a journal (either written or photos) of what I'm thankful for, for the entire year.
  22. Find a ministry at our church to serve in.
  23. Enjoy one night a month with my husband and no gadgets.
  24. Find some sort of "consistency" in my etsy business.
  25. Fall even more in love with Jesus.
I'm a little nerdy, I know.
Some of these things are "hopefuls," and if they happen, then I will be totally excited (such as itemizing my deductions)...I do have an accounting degree.
Other things you may think are funny, but they are actual goals (such as finishing a whole spool of floss.  I always start a new one after I go to the dentist...and never finish the other one).  Have you finished one?
I hope to have a goal and a loose plan of what will be going in my shop.
Other things are just things that I want to do, something that will challenge me, or something that is a goal of the future.
And what a way to welcome the big 2-5 in with a list full of completed aspirations!
Oh, and don't let it fool, I turn 24. :)


22 years ago, I received the best birthday present ever.
A baby brother.
Growing up, we absolutely hated the fact that we had to share a birthday.
(Maybe he hated it more than me.)
But ask me now and I'll tell you, that baby brother has grown into a wonderful, Christ-like  person.
He's still ornery, but I know that he would do anything for me.
He'd be there for me.
And he'll always cheer me up with his witty remarks.
Happy birthday, Ben.
This is YOUR day, not just mine.
I love you!



  1. Happy Birthdays! and yeah for being a Christ follower and not just a fan (sounds like a good book).

  2. okay i dont even know where to start because between the two lists, i just see so many things i want to comment on!! your thankful list was so great...i loved it. seems like you really took the task to heart. and the 25 list was super well thought out. it is very ambitious! i hope you do it all, but maybe just in case "life" gets in the way, one of your items should be "give myself GRACE if not everything happens the way I've planned" :) just saying that's what I would need (perfectionist issues, here!) happy weekend and happy birthday!!

  3. Just popped over from Leslie's blog. I love your lists! Your instagram thanks are so great! Also, happy birthday!!


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