Monday, July 29, 2013

Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday!
I haven't really blogged in a couple weeks.
Hopefully in the coming days, I will be able to share with you.
For now, here are my randoms.

Our weekend was jam-packed full of fun and celebration!
I hope to share more of that later this week {with lots of pictures}!

Not too long ago, I sold a scrap fabric banner from my shop.  I had been in touch with the lady who purchased it, and I knew that she would be using it for her niece's baby shower.  I was so excited that she purchased it in the first place.  But when I received this picture back from her last week, I was so happy.

How cute is that?
The banner fit perfectly in that window and went with the party decorations beautifully.
She's the first one who sent me a photo of how she used her handmade purchase. :)

P.S.  I've closed my shop down for several weeks.  Don't worry, I'll be back!  
To see sneak peeks and what you can look forward to, find us on instagram (@asimplekindoflove) or on facebook!

I recently finished up Betty Rocker's 30 Day Challenge.
Let me tell you...I've discovered a lot about my self this past month.
Some things I'm still trying to process and figure out myself, but there are other things that I'm excited to share with you.
One thing that I've learned is that as a woman, I look to the scale probably more than I should.  Fitness is not about the scale.
Yes, it is great and it feels good to see that number go down.
But honestly, it's not all that.

The weight difference in these pictures is about 0.6 lbs.  However, I lost 4.75 inches overall during this challenge.  To be honest, showing these pictures is a little embarrassing, but it's my life.  Stay tuned for some other lessons that Betty Rocker taught me!

Okay, so those are only a few things that are going on in my life right now.  I have a lot more to share!  So come back tomorrow!  And the day after...and the day after!  haha!!  I hope to get back to blogging, but at the same time I have to live my life!

Happy Monday, everyone!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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