Monday, July 8, 2013

Our 4th of July

Last Wednesday evening, Tyler and I headed down to Southwest Missouri.
We were headed to my parents' house to hang out for the weekend.
And by golly, it was a much needed weekend.
I have to admit...I wasn't around my phone much, so I only have a few pictures to share.
But I also admit that it was good to get away from social media for a few days.

We got a head start because we both got off work early.
I was thankful...I like to drive in daylight more than the dark.
I captured these pictures coming home Wednesday evening...somewhere between Marshfield and Lockwood.

We made up our own little shooting range in the backyard.
I think it was genius...but maybe because it was my husband's idea. :)
And I finally got to shoot my pink AR.
I know...y'all are jealous.
Well, you can come over and I'll take you shooting sometime. :)

I tried to work out a little bit while I was home.
I wanted to keep up with my Betty Rocker workout, which has been killer.
I've really been working on my form rather than reps.
It's been really good for me.

I walked only a couple of days.
I really hate walking the gravel roads, but it was a gorgeous week so I was going to take advantage of it!

On the actual 4th of July, we had no where to be.
So we hung out at Sonic and ate supper together. :)
I loved it.

Our party was on Saturday.
Every year since 1999 (or maybe before) and with the exception of the year 2011 (we got married), my parents' have hosted a 4th of July party.
My uncle buys the best fireworks and gives us a show.
He loves's like his Christmas.:)
We invite my Dad's family and my Mom's family...and a few friends scattered in there.
We have some of the best food around.

This year was no disappointment.
We had fantastic food, and what I would say were the best fireworks ever.
Seriously fun stuff.
We also had some yard games, which were so fun to play!

It was a wonderful weekend.
I loved being home and being with family.
There's no place better to be.

This week, I'm back to the grind.
It's hard to come back from a long weekend.

Did y'all have a good weekend?
What kind of fun did you have?

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