Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random Facts About Me

Happy Sunday!!
Since I'm still at home today, I thought I'd share some fun stuff.
{I'm probably in Sunday School at this time when this post is published.}
How about random facts about me?
I've been trying to come up with a list, so here goes...

1.  I'm a list maker:  to-do list, grocery list, wanna-do list, bucket list, blog list.
You name it, and I've probably got a list for it.
No joke.

2. S-A-L-E is my favorite four letter word.  
Rarely do I ever buy something full price.
There's no need.

3.  I love spontaneity....
...unplanned events and flying by the seat of my pants.
It's wonderful.

4.  At the same time, I love having my family calendar and personal planner filled out and organized so that I know what's happening in the upcoming weeks.
That may sound like an oxymoron, but there is definitely a balance between the two.

5.  My all time favorite movie is Princess Diaries.
I own it on VHS and DVD {oh! as well as the 2nd one, too}.

6.  Writing soothes my spirit and calms my soul.
I may not be the best at conveying my thoughts or just writing in general,
but I write from my heart.

7.  I hate those letter things that you have to fill our when you submit an online form or blog comment to make sure you're a real person.  {I've already made it easier for you to comment on my blog because I don't make you fill that out.  You're welcome.}  
I hate them because it takes me 5 tries at least before I get them right!

**So it's your turn...what do you want to know?  Leave me a comment and maybe I'll do another post with your questions.**

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