Saturday, August 25, 2012


So today I'm at home. 
The place
...where I grew up.
...where the majority of my memories are.
...where part of my heart is.
...and most of all, where my family is.

It's the town's favorite {or least favorite} part of the year.
Fair Time!!
I happen to love it.
Everyone comes home.
We all hang out on the square.
We talk, laugh, and eat. 
We see people we haven't seen in a loooong time.

Tonight is my 5 year High School Reunion.
To some, you may think, "That's it?"
But to me, I think, "Where in the world did the time go?"
My class was pretty close...we were all friends.
So I'm incredibly excited to see everyone.

Lots of us have gotten married.  Had babies.  Graduated college.  Gotten jobs.
It will be so cool to see what each person is doing in their life right now.
We had a small class...graduated with 88 or so.
According to facebook {because that's where we get all our knowledge these days}, at least half of my class will be there.
*Oh, and I had to get back on facebook so I could get the information about the reunion.  I wasn't really missing it that much.*

I always dreamed that I would be married at my 5 year reunion.
And I'm blessed to be just that.
I'm blessed to be taking my best friend, so that he can meet all the hooligans that I ran around with.
I'm excited to be meeting my friends' significant others and spouses.
I'm excited to be reacquainted see how we've all matured {or not matured}.
Most of all, I hope to see what God is doing in each and every person's life.
I hope that Christ will radiate through me so that others {who may not know Him} will see something different inside of me. 

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