Tuesday, August 7, 2012


A couple weeks ago, my friend Kaysi who blogs here (and is SUCH a sweetheart) posted on her facebook about a website she had stumbled across called She Reads Truth. She challenged her gal pals to join in with her to read the Bible daily.  So I clicked on the link and read a little more about it.

WOW! I have totally been blessed by it!  Here's what it's all about...

First and foremost, it's about digging into God's Word daily.
It's set up for you to use the YouVersion app on your cell phone.
You can also read along in your Bible if you'd like.
There's a new devotion posted on their site every day.
You can even get it in your email!
They choose a plan and let you know which one they will be using via their website.
If you're new to it, you can read how to get started here.
The new plan just started yesterday, so if you hurry, you can catch up!

Read it.  Journal it.  Instagram it.  Facebook it.

If you give God just 20 minutes a day, He will honor that.  I challenge you to get started on this journey with me.  Reading the Bible will be the best thing you could do with your time.  It's how you really get to know Him, rather than just knowing about Him.

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