Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Choose Joy

Yes, my last post was very depressing.
But that's how I was feeling at the time.
I am feeling better though!
I've really been learning through this move that 
I choose my attitude.

Who woulda thunk it?
I've had such a struggle with it all...
...being unemployed for 6 months, still haven't met any "friends," and have been busy to boot!

Can life slow down just a little bit?
Yes, you read that right.
The girl who counts down to everything wants life to slow down.
Now, that's an oxymoron!

I'm having a better attitude this week.
I've made it to Wednesday and the week has gone by fairly quickly.

I posted this picture on Instagram today.

Time to pay some bills!  This week, my theme has been, "Choose Joy."  My job is not ideal and definitely not glamorous, but my God has been faithful.  He brought me this job when we needed it most.  I will choose joy in life instead of letting life steal my joy!

Isn't it true, though?
When you choose your attitude, things are much better!

So in choosing joy this week,
I'd like to share some of the things that have made me happy.

I got to wear my *new* earrings made by Hannah.
Check out her {shop}.  She's SO talented.
Oh, and she has a heart of gold!

An at home date with my husband.
Slumber party!!!
SOOO much fun!!!


I got to go thrifting on Saturday and found this beauty!

I wore my new dress to church on Sunday! 

I actually felt up to being a wife!
After being extremely exhausted I actually felt like cooking supper.
Oh! AND I packed our lunches the night before!! :]

Lastly, but definitely not least:
I finally shipped my packaged to my mugswap partner!
I have been SO excited about this opportunity. 
*I will write about the experience at a later date.*

So while sometimes life can get you down,
you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off
and get a new attitude.


  1. my email is need to get together! Email me your info and I'll text you! Hopefully soon!!

  2. Oh my goodness Beth through your blog I have learned that we have A LOT in common in how we think and what God is doing in our lives.
    I totally have been battling with the same thing lately! My new job is also taking some getting used to and though I'm not looking for a new one, I am constantly reminding myself to be thankful for the job God gave me and to have a good attitude each day I go in.
    We still need to get together and take care of the "still haven't met any friends" segment of this post!!
    And I LOVE that your sleeping bags fit perfectly in your sectional. :)

  3. I love reading your blog. It lets me know what you are doing even when you are so far away from me! God is blessing you every day. I love you! mom


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