Monday, August 27, 2012

A Wedding Reception

Well, just last month she had a wedding reception in her hometown.
I was blessed to be a guest at the reception as well.

The decorations were beautiful.
It was set up so that her friends and family could feel like they were at the wedding.

Cake table and beverage station

They had bee decorations on them! So cute!

The beverages were in beehives!

The buffet table

Table decorations

 Being introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Wood!!!

Of course, I had my favorite! Red Velvet!! :]  I absolutely loved the sparkles!

Mr. & Mrs. Wood serenaded the guests with some bluegrass!  While Mr. Wood {the father of the groom} played the gee-tar. :]

Pictures on display as the guests walked in

Guest book table 

A not very attractive photo of me talking with the groom. 

With the beautiful bride!  She's stunning.

Here's a snippet of  a song that they sang...I'm pretty sure my phone told me I didn't have any more room to record the rest.  I was a little upset.  But enjoy what I did get!

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  1. YAY!! Love the pretty pictures :) I will need copies of these to save in an album!


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